Town Hall

The hall is under restoration by the Beltana Progress Association and is a unique galvanised iron structure. The first known photograph of the Beltana Assembly Hall was taken in 1897 by the Rev Robert Mitchell and is part of the State Library collection. The hall remained in private ownership until it was purchased by the Beltana Progress Association for 500 pounds in 1949. In 1984 the hall underwent major renovations including extending the hall.

The hall is a significant community resource that the community is updating to modern standards whilst maintaining and enhancing its historical character. There are a number of historic elements of the building that have been lost over time that as funds permit, the progress association will reinstate. The hall has been the central meeting place in the town for the 120 years of colonial history. It has significance in history as the place where social occasions were and are held, such as weddings, funerals and dances. The hall is the meeting place of the Beltana Progress Association and features in many historical documents regarding the town.

The hall will be available for hire shortly.