Projects and Events

The Beltana Progress Association is an active community group which undertakes to maintain and improve services and facilities and run events in the town in line with our Strategic Plan.

More details on our projects and events can be found on our News Blog.

Our current and future planned projects

  • Ongoing Hall Renovations – cellar

  • Replacing the interperative signage

  • Water infrastructure to the hall

  • Upgrade of public toilets at the hall 

Upcoming Events

  • TBA

Past projects

  • Community Picnic Grounds

  • Hall Renovations 

    • Kitchen

    • Main Renovations

  • Defibrilator Provision

  • Speed Signage

  • Waste management contract

  • Public Toilets

Past Events

  • Festival of Small Halls – 16 March 2019

  • ANZAC Day 2019

  • ANZAC Day 2018