Martin's House

A Mr Martin built the first house – of pug and pine – in Beltana where the road branched off from Beltana homestead to the mines at Sliding Rock. It was an "eating house" and general stop over point for travellers to and from Cadnia.

In 1873 it was the starting point for the survey of the township. The building became the Beltana Hotel for a few years and the timber and mud building was replaced by one of stone. Over the years it fell into disrepair until it was bought by Harry Monsoor who restored it for his family, and his store and hawking business that continued until 1955. The original hawkers van that carried Monsoor's hawkers supplies from Martins House to the far north is in the Birdwood Motor Museum.

In the late 60s Martins House was "Macs Rock shop" selling a range of local geological specimens. The Hulls bought Martins House and ran it until 1980 as the Beltana Field Study Centre. 

Today it houses an art gallery, showing the works of some of the artists who call Beltana home.