Police Station

A Mounted Constable was stationed in temporary quarters in Beltana in 1879 before the current building was opened in 1881. Originally of 4 stone rooms with no verandah, a set of 3 stone cells and a stone toilet block (now dismantled), the building has been added to over time. Additions include a wooden room (long gone) for the unmarried troopers, a wooden building used as a Courthouse and Office, a verandah firstly on 2 and finally 3 sides, an iron-clad stables and fodder shed at the rear of the cells and a kitchen moved to the verandah, extended and now enclosed by a wood and iron sunroom. An exterior bathroom, toilet and laundry have also been demolished and the facilities moved inside the main house.

The stonework of the walls and chimneys is a feature of the buildings. A well, also lined with cut stone and a circular tank stand of stone remain as testament to the skills of a bygone age.

The station was officially closed in 1958 and was used as a house for the teacher until 1967 after which it was sold to private interests. It is now a private residence.