Thursday, 25 May 2017

Our Community

Today Beltana is actively popultated with around 50 adults and 20 children, approximately half that number living here permenantly. Children who live here mostly make an 80km round trip to Leigh Creek each day for school.  Daily supplies are obtained from Leigh Creek including mail and emergency services. 

Two of the wave of newer buildings in town - these were erected in 1998


Since 1990 there has been a "building boom" in the town with 12 new houses s being erected. As development in the town is subject to planning controls, these new buildings are carefully designed to fit in with the existing buildings in style, materials and scale.

Power was connected to the town in 1980, although many houses have not connected to the grid. Each householder is responsible for their own water supply, so there are a variety of wells, bores and rainwater tanks, pumps and windmills. The land line telephone service relies on a radio link to the exchange at Leigh Creek and  Telstra mobile service is avaiable at the town hall. Television and broadband internet services are available by satellite.

The  town is surrounded by parklands, suburban blocks and a town common which in turn is bordered by Puttapa, Beltana and Moorillah pastoral leases. The Kakalpurannha Aboriginal Corporation is situated south of Warrioota Creek and has a Native Title rights  over some the Crown land (common) around the town.