Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Beltana Community Picnic Grounds

Park Before

Water Reserve block before works began in 2016. 

In mid 2016 Beltana Progress Association, in partnership with the Outback Communities Authority, secured funds from two grants for the development of a Community Picnic Grounds. The historic Water Reserve in the middle of town was chosen as the location for this project and work commenced in late 2016. 

Park Working Bee 1

First working bee for the park - constructing the fencing, clearing the site and laying out edging rocks and carparks.

Park Working Bee 2

Second Working Bee - installing the wooden safety barriers around the gardens and along the roadside.

Park Working Bee 3

Further work days to costruct the picnic furniture, shade shelters, install the solar BBQ and associated electrics, install the water tanks, irrigation and tree planting. So far, a total of 50 locally native trees have been planted which will provide shade and dust management in coming years as well as making it visually more appealing.

Park After

FInally finished! the area is already getting a lot of use from tourists and locals alike. The Solar BBQ was connected to the grid in July 2017 and will be used for community gatherings soon!

Many groups and individuals helped achieve this fantastic outcome for the community and the Progress Association would like to especially thank all of the community members who spent so much time and effort on various work days, the OCA, for auspicing and aquitting the grants to make the project possible and all the contractors who provided professional services. 


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Festival of Small Halls

Come and Celebrate 140 years of the Beltana Assembly Hall with the Festival of Small Halls on March 16 2019. Click image for more info!

Town Hall Renovations

Major renovations of the Beltana Town Hall were completed in October 2018.

ANZAC Day 2018

On ANZAC Day 2018 Beltana held its inaugural dawn service

Hall Kitchen Renovation Begins

In early July 2017, members of the Beltana Progress Association gathered to begin renovations on the Hall kitchen

Waste Collection

Beltana Progress Association, in partnership with Flinders Management Services has instigated a waste management programme for Beltana

New Picnic Grounds

in 2016 - 2017 Beltana Progress Association completed the construction of a community picnic grounds in the town