Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Located 540 km north of Adelaide and 240 m above sea level, Beltana is a truly remarkable State Heritage listed town in outback South Australia. Settlers began arriving in the area in the 1850s and 60s, and the town was surveyed in 1873. It is hard to imagine today that the little town grew to boast a population of 390 with 70 houses by 1883.   Changing patterns of employment, transportation and resource exploitation have seen it  change over time.  Beltana's refusal to lie down and die, the fate of many small towns in the north of South Australia, is a source of amazement to anyone who visits the town - although the locals know all too well why it hasn't.   Waking on a cool morning to the sun sparkling on the leaves of the trees, watching emus wander past or euros grazing among the saltbushes, discovering a small, still waterhole in the creek or a flowering eremophila on a rocky hillside, watching the golden rays of sunset light up the foothills and Mt Stuart – these magic moments are a daily experience for those lucky enough to live in Beltana. All buidings in Beltana are privately owned and occupied and we have a permanent population of 35 and an active community of 55. You are welcome to walk around the town and read the interpretive signage. We have recently built visitor faclities for you to have a picnic by the creek.



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Festival of Small Halls

Come and Celebrate 140 years of the Beltana Assembly Hall with the Festival of Small Halls on March 16 2019. Click image for more info!

Town Hall Renovations

Major renovations of the Beltana Town Hall were completed in October 2018.

ANZAC Day 2018

On ANZAC Day 2018 Beltana held its inaugural dawn service

Hall Kitchen Renovation Begins

In early July 2017, members of the Beltana Progress Association gathered to begin renovations on the Hall kitchen

Waste Collection

Beltana Progress Association, in partnership with Flinders Management Services has instigated a waste management programme for Beltana

New Picnic Grounds

in 2016 - 2017 Beltana Progress Association completed the construction of a community picnic grounds in the town